Welcome to the Assurance Medical Underwriting Society

The Assurance Medical Underwriting Society (AMUS) is a life insurance industry organisation whose aim is to provide thought leadership in our ever changing market. At the same time we provide an educational and social environment to increase knowledge amongst medical underwriters and insurance doctors.

Announcement / News

The AMUS committee are pleased to announce the launch of our new digital platform, aiming to educate and develop underwriters and claims professionals from the comfort of your own office. We’ll be covering a range of topics to encourage discussion in the underwriting and claims community and to consider emerging trends or risks in underwriting and claims.

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Members Area

Current Members

For current members you can find dates for future AMUS meetings and details of past events including presentations for download (for this you will need to log in to the members area).

Becoming a member

Membership to the society is free and open to:

  • Those involved with Life, annuity and disability insurance risk management.
  • Medical professionals with an interest in life, annuity and disability insurance.
  • Those providing the industry with risk management services.

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Our Events

We provide industry leading half day events, usually twice a year which include presentations on key areas of medicine, technology, innovation and regulation which are impacting our industry. The society continues to attract key note speakers who are world leading experts in their specialist field.
During each event we encourage open debate and discussion as we look to challenge the status quo in our market.
If you are interested in presenting at one of our events please contact us


AMUS also has an Education Committee and offers Diplomas and Certificates in Medical Underwriting & Claims Management which are recognised across the Insurance industry. For further information or to make an application please see here